Aim & Objectives of Project

“Developing village with a ‘rural soul’ but with all urban amenities that a city may have”

Aim of the project is to provide urban amenities in rural areas and maintaining the rural soul. This will help in developing villages in sustainable manner, reduce migration from villages and prevent the cities from the urban Pressure.


Creation of infrastructure - connectivity, civic and social infrastructure along with provision of alternative

Economy generation is the key pillars that the concept hinges on.

  • Basic physical infrastructure – Water Supply, Transport, Sewerage and Solid Waste Management should be the priority focus and be provided.
  • Basic Social infrastructure – Health and Education facilities should be provided and ensure proper delivery of facilities to village dwellers.
  • Promote integrated development of rural areas with provision of quality housing, better connectivity, employment opportunities and supporting physical and social infrastructure.
  • Reduce migration from rural to urban areas due to lack of basic services and sufficient economic activities in rural areas.
  • Internal roads within village settlement, Efficient Mass Transportation systems to improve connectivity between urban and rural areas, Public transportation facilities that need to be developed like bus stops, transport depot etc
  • Identification of sanitation facilities that need improvement – sewerage and drainage line for household connection, door to door solid waste collection & dumping facilities
  • Electricity connections like street lighting that is energy efficient and eco-friendly
  • Refurbishing of village lakes, water tanks and wells, construction of rain water harvesting structures for sustainable Development